About Keith Pedro

Keith Pedro is a Toronto based comedian, who’s career started when he was in his last year attending college. During that time he discovered his girlfriend was pregnant with his first baby. Upon hearing the news, he decided to produce a comedy show and to put aside the profit for his newborn. While using his previous skills as a club promoter, he sold out his first comedy show called BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA, which consisted of sketch comedy and stand-up comedy that later became one of the most successful sketch comedy shows in Toronto known as THE BOOM! THE BOOM has been featured frequently on ETALK Canada as one of the best Canadian shows to watch. After being inspired by Dave Chappelle’s “Chappelle’s show” Keith decided to produce a one man comedy collective show which showcased his Sketch & Stand-up comedy skills at the world renown Second City theatre in Toronto Called “Saved By the Grind.” After four successful sold out shows, he had to put the project to a  halt due to an excessive amount of touring. From sketch comedy to stand-up comedy, Keith Pedro has been performing all across North America including cities like, L.A, Chicago, New York, San Diego and Honolulu.

His stand-up comedy has been featured on CBC Radio’s Accents of Toronto and Laugh Out Loud as well as XM/Sirius Satellite radio. On TV, he has been a cast member of MuchMusic/Fuse TV’s Video ON Trial. He also had made multiple appearances on certain shows on MTV and Degrassi The Next Generation. He also filmed a Live Stand-up comedy taping for ichannel’s “No Kidding” Show. In 2014 he made his first appearance on CBC’s Halifax Comedy festival were he was schedule for two TV tapings, but due to the success of his first set of the festival he was bumped up to perform on a third taping for a Gala Show.

From doing sketch comedy with Colin Mochrie to acting on TV shows, this in-your-face stand-up comic with his witty punchlines and exceptional improv skills will leave you with a great ab workout!


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